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Saturdays will be designated for enrichment activities. On the weekends, we like to take the our mentees into the community and expose them to things they may not have experienced before. Some of the favorite activites among the students are the Urban Farm visits where they get to harvest fruits and vegetables or create compost. Another enjoyed activity is our out of town college tours. We will also explore the wonders of Tallahassee via visits to Canopy Walk, Tom Brown Park, and many other green spaces throughout the community.

Above all of our fun saturday events, we do like to incorporate community service at least twice a month. These service projects will be in the form or neighborhood clean up, helping a neighbor in the community with their lawns, writing thank you letters to Veterans in the community, etc. We emphasize that it is great to do service outside of your community at times but you must give back to the community that gave so much to you.

To make sure that parents, students, and mentors are all on the same page, at the beginning of each month every student will have a calendar in their possession that documents our Saturday adventures for the entire month. Transportation details, costs, and permisson slips will accompany the calendars as well.

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