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What Can My Child Expect?

Our program will take place between the hours of 4pm and 7pm Tuesday and Thursdays. From the hours of 4pm-5:30pm we will have power hour! This time is dedicated to intensive academic focus. We will be available to assist any mentee that needs homework help. The children without homework will be given work to do as well. We are equipt with eading, math, and social studies tasks that are appropriate for each level. We will also administer ACT/SAT prep for Juniors and Seniors.

After this hour is up, We will have a seminar that focuses on a special topic. The topics will vary between social justice issues, money management, mock interviews, etc. Once the seminar is complete, we will conclude with either a speaker or a round table discussion about ideas for the program, events that are going on in the neighborhood, or it could be reserved time for individuals to just vent in a safe place. Our progam is interactive and does require much leadership from our youth, this way they can make the program their own.

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